Monday, October 10, 2016

Comikaze Expo Has Renamed Itself Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con Comes Back Oct 28-30

In what many would say was a dumb name from the start, Comikaze Expo is now calling itself Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con. Which were kind of amazed about as Comic-Con proper went on a lawsuit binge not so long ago on other groups calling themselves Comic-Con. This event is not connected to that Comic-Con, so you get why the real Comic-Con doesn't want its name attached.

Comikaze Expo has been a constant joke for us as a convention with high prices for little to show for it. However, it has grown and usually has a wide chunk of panels that seem fun to attend.

The downside seems to be whomever is running Comikaze Expo as we never hear of it being run smoothly.

I mean just look at the new logo, the kept the octopus as their mascot? It looks like they're an evil organization for crying out loud.

Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con
Oct 28-30
LA Convention Center
$tarts at $25