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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

AkibaFest Takes Over Little Tokyo This Weekend

Oct 15-16
Little Tokyo
$25 for both days
$15 for each day separately
$30 for both days at the event
Films will have their own admission

We're excited to see what AkibaFest will be like in Little Tokyo this weekend. We wanted a big anime convention in the area for years and Aniplex has pulled it together with a weekend of activities. You'll be able to catch anime films, check out big names in the anime industry exhibitors and meet some special guests.

I'm unsure why, but they got a British announcer for the promo

For me details check out the official events page and schedule.

We're a week away and where it all takes place is till a bit of a mystery. Though, we're mainly guessing a big tent in the JACCC Village Plaza.

 For highlights we recommend the following including the industry panels from Funimation, Aniplex and Sentai.

Hey, maybe they'll announce the Dragonball Super dub over at Funimation, just don't hold your breath.

The Official After Party of AkibaFest 2016
Saturday, October 15, 9 pm - Midnight
Downtown Independent
251 S. Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
General Admission $10 (Online) $15 (Door)
18 & Over to Enter | 21 & Over to Drink
*One Drink Ticket and Popcorn included. **No Refund.After spending a whirlwind day at AkibaFest, come and have a dance and drink with us! Afterparty with Tune In Tokyo and J-pop influencers takes place at the Downtown Independent in Little Tokyo,

There's going to be a Cosplay Contest on Sunday, so get into whatever spandex or leotards you can and impress us.

For you certain types out there, like us, there will be a maid cafe and maid cafe shows daily.

Sat. (10/15)

Sun. (10/16)

Experience Arcane Maid Café JACCC Plaza

You must pay cover charge at the café. Additional food & beverage charges apply.
Arcane Maid Cafe is a high energy maid cafe and gaming experience based in the United States! We offer traditional table-side service, table-top games, console gaming, stage performances, and much more!

Sat. (10/15)
12:00PM, 2:00PM

Sun. (10/16)
11:30AM, 2:00PM

Maid Show Plaza Stage

Come see a glimpse of what maid cafe is all about! Arcane Maid Cafe is excited to present a prize giveaway, maid dance, and a trivia quiz! So come visit our performance and experience the energy!

For those eating nearby there's a few small offers in associated with attending. You can find them here.