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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Please Don't Bother Seeing Ouija: Origin of Evil

Now I'll start off by saying I want to see Boo! A Madea Halloween, I want to see it drunk, high or more than likely with a bad crowd who will make fun of it, because I myself don't drink or get high, but I could understand with that one. It's going to be a generic piece of work with jokes that are almost two decades old, ex, "I see white people."

Ouija: Origin of Evil will just be so bad it won't be able to be made fun of. At the cost of $6 mill, it's projected to make 15 mill opening weekend.I don't want it to make a penny.

Please don't bother seeing it, you have so many other options in the LA area and nationwide. Here's our own list of every other horror film screening.

Halloween 2016: Horror Festivals, Screenings & Entertainment

You have special screenings of classics and other new horror films to see. Each and every one of them is a better use of your money and time than this generic waste of a horror film.

The latest commercial for it  that we saw, well, it  used the same source for both its quotes, it was Culture Crypt which, as we look online writing this, doesn't even have the review up because it's been embargoed. 10/14/16

You'll also be lining the pockets of Micheal Bay, whose producing with his company Platinum Dunes. If you see Platinum Dunes going up before your movie, leave the theater.

Don't waste your Halloween on seeing something so predictable and thrown together that you'll be griping about it to your friends. Go out and see some serial killers you can trust.