Friday, October 7, 2016

Horse-Being and Phenome-Con

Of all the choices of SpectreFest; it always intrigues me of not only picking horror films, but also weird wtf films. The top one I can't look away from is Horse-Being, a horror film in a sense in tone with the un-likability and grossness of furry culture. In the film, a fifty-year old Parisian man comes to America for pony-training, to become a horse. He dresses and acts like a horse. And gets trained by an old cowboy that looks straight out of a commercial banned on selling you cigarettes.

It's so awful, yet I want to watch, it's everything The Greasy Strangler was needing. The trailer of the film already shows it has heart on the very f*&ked idea of becoming a horse.

"Horse Being (Off-site at NeueHouse)"
 Saturday, October 29th, 1pm
 NeueHouse 6121 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Free, RSVP 

As mentioned in another post a sub-event within SpectreFest is Phenome-Con, four events on different phenomenon where ghosts, bigfoot and a tie-in to the new stupid Ouija board movie is taking place. The trailer was released and the footage is golden mind-stopping wood to burn.

Off all the events for SpectreFest, Phenome-Con's Other Evil seems like it will be the funniest.

Phenome-Con Day 2: Another Evil (w/ dir. Carson D. Mell in person!)
Friday, October 14, 2016 7:30 PM
Sadly, no trailer was cut yet because...I don't know kind of dumb not to cut any trailer for your film. However, the idea of a modern day ghost catcher being an idiot sounds like fun.
Let’s take everything we know about the haunted vacation house story (hip couple retreats toward luxe isolation, eschewing high-demand jobs for pine-soaked serenity and the presence of lingering dead, yada yada), and throw it out the damn(ed) window. There’s nothing that could prepare us for first-time feature writer/director Carson D. Mell’s what-the-fuckomedy Another Evil, as architectural photography and literary wit wear away to reveal a taut and disturbing nexus of fear; and when Dan (Steve Zissis) and his arty nuclear family employ a decorated “ghost assassin” to purify their mountain hideaway from pesky spooks, Dan soon finds he may be beholden to more than just what goes bump in the night.