Sunday, October 23, 2016

Creep LA 2016 Review: You Guys Are Creepy

Hands down, our favorite haunt this Halloween season! Creep LA has become a discernible anti-social misanthrope lacking any skills on how to interact with people on a normal level. Perfect to scare the bejeezus out of you along with many bodily fluids, which some of the creeps there might slurp up. This is 21+  event or at least it is recommended, so don't go if your too young, you don't want gray hair that early. Differing from the simple chainsaw wielding maniac are just the dregs of society; looks like you entered a really bad art exhibit and they won't let you leave.

Creep LA year two has moved to a bigger sprawling space so mores scares can surround you. A new story is set this time around. A strange art collective from an artist, Erebus Burwyc, decided the worst part of humanity should be on view, he disappeared from society in the early 1970's with about a group of eight follower/exhibits going with him.

...Guess how many people can enter Creep LA at a time? If you guessed eight, you're right. This detail alone establishes a nice number of individuals to torment. It's not a rush like other haunts/mazes; it's an experience.

Even from the start Creep LA considers to make your time there unnerving. From a completely unfriendly welcome wagon to a way too friendly group in the lounge. Yes, this time you can have a drink before going into Creep LA, on select nights; check calendar.

Dancing was not on the menu for me as was the touching. Where Creep LA grabbed me, literally and figuratively, was the instant I was offered to dance with what I assumed was a vampire lady, who just turned out to be a huge creep. She whispered into my ear...just messed up thoughts about me while we danced surrounded by my group and other strange weirdos. Never did I think that night they would get to me by dancing with a charming women who made herself sounds so flipping crazy. I wanted to stop and say something like, "Okay, hope you get back on your meds."

We hadn't even entered the real experience yet!

Let's get into the gritty creepy underbelly, which I'm fairly sure some creeps did tread on.

Getting more inside your head was the welcome to the art gallery where those eight exhibits/cult members were last seen under artist Erebus Burwyck. My group and I were led in like prisoners, sat down and had cloths placed on our heads somewhat obscuring our views. Next came a recording from Erebus totally akin to the shrieking warning of the Evil Dead tapes and a hundred other horror movies giving you a clear message that you've gone to the wrong place. During our listening party, two of our attendees took off more than we wanted and thus began our nightmare walking through the worst of humanity as art.

Each experience was different leading us around and many times directly addressing my group or myself to do something or asking us questions all in a confusing maze like turning movement. These  people weren't jump scares, these were in-your-face people that make you discomfortable.

Let's just say that when you sign your contact at the start, you should understand these creeps can touch you. And afterward I wanted to shower.

There is very much an unnatural sexual element in the air that is suppose to make it all the more messed up from just someone trying to grab you to make you jump.

Each new mess of a person is waiting for you, so don't dawdle on feeling creeped out, it's the theme they're going for.

Certain moments meld from horror films to psychic battles to just plain bad art exhibits you've might have seen anywhere in LA, but add a creep factor by the artist.

At, one point they did split up the boys from the girls, so I know not what they had to endure, but it isn't the only instant some group or someone was singled out. You can be plucked away from the group and go on a side adventure reappearing later.

Like a maze of bad art ideas it draws so well from it's source material. I've gone to bad art exhibits and met some real creeps here in LA. This place brings the two together for a very skin-crawling evening of people you would never like to meet. But you'll want to. I need a shower now.

Creep Los Angeles
Now-Oct 31
2316 N. San Fernando Rd in Los Angeles.
Weekends with some weeknights available
Tickets range from $40 - $50 dollars + service fees