Monday, October 10, 2016

LA Haunted Hayride Secret Society Review

Hey! It's time for the Haunted Hayride review. The new Secret Society has some moments; it's not going to go down as my favorite experience of the ride and this time, off it. I will say that they at least change it up every year and try something new. My party may have had more fun through the experiences off the ride and not during the new off-the-ride part, more of the Trick-Or-Treating and walking through a maze section.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Secret Society
Select Nights Oct 1-Oct 31st Starts at 7pm
Griffith Park
4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Price varies by night $32 and up

Haunted Hayride Secret Society
"Ahhh!, " my friend screamed as a chainsaw came close to his face. The evil monsters, face-mashers and degenerates after you still come right up the cart and lean in to scare the sh*t out of you. Luckily, there's a hay all around you to make the clean up of your bodily functions go easier.


The way up with the usual bunch of ghouls is fun as usual. Though this time you can be judged Elite or Deranged.  An exciting concept that doesn't pay off. We were judged Deranged in our being cast out off the ride. This judgment of your soul makes you choose the path you'll be walking through as best as we can guess. For the most part the getting-off and walking part just wasn't needed.

We couldn't gather an overall theme of what "Deranged" was. My favorite part  of it was the sped up theme of a BBQ diner. Other than that it really felt like an idea that needs more motivation or something tying it all together, like guts, tied up guts is an idea.

Soon we were back on the hayride and for the most part nothing really stood out this time around. We've been going at least since 2013 and perhaps even further back than that, so everything sort of melds together. Nothing in this one had that special scare, not a jump scare, not a surprise.

The strangest part was towards the ending with George Washington masked monsters scaring us and little plays about Halloween going bad. There was some very little political satire on the upcoming election. If you're going to mock it, make a giant Hillary and Trump head bash into each other or something over the top. I would have loved Trump and Hillary masked monsters running around or a podium of monsters.

The ending was in an ancient temple? Didn't get the ending climax. They really need to find a better way for finale and at least some more scares when you think it's over.

Compared to earlier years, it's not going to be remembered.

End of spoilers

Outside of the ride we had more fun at Trick Or Treat, Theater Macabre and more.

Trick Or Treat is an outside attraction for guests where you get to relive your childhood or if a child, continue it with trick-or-treating, though it won't be your average resident answering the knock on the door.

My friend and I took turns knocking doors and finding whatever weird disfigured monstrosity was behind them. We were fans of each encounter and had a much stronger connection than anything that happened on the hayride.

They even give out real candy for those brave enough to say, "Trick or Treat!,"

Theater Macabre was taking place every hour or so. This show lets you play your favorite monster or serial killer in front of an audience. I don't know what was more adorable or funny seeing a fourteen-year-old telling us how great the New Bev theater is or her popping a balloon headed-man as Freddy Krueger while on stage. Sisters, one playing a horse, the other Ichabod Crane was another delight.

Sadly, even though I even signed up for it, there was no Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest that night. You can sign up at the ticket counter for free and challenge at least three other people, that's the minimum required. I guess everybody ate dinner before coming.

House of Shadows, the new dark maze was a delight of dimly-lit terror. You'll really be trying to find your way out of this confusing maze that flickers the lightS on and off and has you trying to
find your way out.

Somehow partially sponsored by the upcoming film "Ouija Origin of Evil" we saw a sticker plastered once or twice for the movIe and didn't see any real connection.

If on a date, it's a great place for a girl to cling to you and hold hands.

Haunted Hayride doesn't end there, they brought back the Deathrow Photo Section. You can play dead or give your best pose when you're about to get eaten by a dragon with these backgrounds ready for you to post on Snapchat or Instagram.

There's pumpkin decorating and the skeleton carousel with some frightful monsters on the prowl around the park.

Some okay priced eats and snack, but don't count on a full meal unless you're doing the Pumpkin Pie Eating contest.

Haunted Hayride may needs to improve itself and remember elements over the years that had fans talking about it. Secret Society should have maybe remained secret or just needs to get tweeked to be more like the other sections of the haunt.