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Saturday, October 22, 2016

IndieCade 2016: Part 5 Night Games

The end of our time at IndieCade, Night Games. It did look magical out in the open space on the grass. Far from the confines inside of a building were a series of games to try out. All in the embrace of the night. Everyone kind of came together from earlier that day to try out these games from murder to a form of Tetris.

Clue House from Wise Guy Events, they do the games for Survivor, had us murdering each other in the way of a mansion murder mystery game akin to Clue. Props to the two men behind it as they talked like British butlers throughout the night, never breaking character.

The game had you deducing if your weapon, only words on a piece of paper, was in a room and if you could kill the other person in the room without a witness.

Sadly, I never got to murder anyone.

On the grass there were tents like a circus, one sending people on a quest the other showing off some ideas.

Block Party had anyone with a phone playing a form of Tetris on the big screen. Colorful, fun? I liked last year's multiplayer games more. It made me wish Jackbox Party Pack applied for night games.

Kismet VR had a tarot card reading in virtual reality while Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things had people trying to figure out mysteries with tape outlines of bodies.

The magic of the night wasn't lost on me. The experience, should be an experience that happens more often. I would love to see more game nights in LA, the only thing that comes close are the one's at Giant Robot and they might have one or two games per night.

I hope IndieCade inspired more gamers and gamemakers to make more, to find new ways to tell stories, to entertain. In the end, it's the community that makes IndieCade stand out and it continues to, no matter where it is.