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Monday, December 6, 2010

Who Sits on a Coffe Mug? Stefanie Glenias of course, Owner of Sleek Identity

So I bolted over to the Sleek Identity Pop Up Shop when it was open.

I didn't know the stores owner Stefanie Glenias would be actually selling here own items. Not that hard it turns out as she lives in the area.

Sleek Identity is a online shop and was a temporary pop up store that feature mostly European designers stylish home decor.

Stefanie explained that she decided to create the online store after she traveled throughout Europe and made friends with the different artists and designers. She seems to be the exclusive retailer of some of the items including my favorite the Shower Octopus Caddy.

When I asked if there would be permanent retail store she said she didn't know. The reason she had the Pop-Up Shop was to get direct feedback on that question and to hear what her customers might have to say about the products.

Just check out the range of these products.

Stefanie also explained that import fees might not make the cost of a real store viable. You have to remember everything she gets is imported. That can be seen in the prices of some of the items, but you have to remember that stuff wasn't made here.

You might also like to know it' a one woman operation. She does everything herself. Stefanie stated she packages everything herself does all the little stuff.

Sleek Identity