Monday, December 27, 2010

Sassy In Red

Hey, it's almost the new year and I'm about to start checking a list, of whoses be naughty and extra naughty. This is a early list of zombie fighting gear. Really, any site carries stuff that can be great for zombie fighting. Look,this site sells bar furniture, check this zombie apocaylpse world chair with a skull for the back.

 and I found a great pair of blood spattered shoes on the same site.

 As one of the CSNstores carries Funtasma Women's Bloody White Patent / Red Blood Splatter in all sizes, it also carries a bunch of other products for those with darker takes. The shoe selection doesn't stop with blood splatter.

On the go or a busy Mom fending off the undead. Do it in style with these

The skull sleave and skull diaper bag

How about some wallpaper that makes you feel at home in a zombie virus world

My girlfriend will be reviewing these scary beauties in a upcoming review. I'll also have a greater list of zombie fighter clothes to wear.