Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fan-Service in Loads

Need a last minute Christmas present for the anime fan in your life or feel like you need one.
Funimation and Bandai Entertainment have two series that make fan-service fun again. Agent Aika and Sekirei have loads of fan service galore.

Agent Aika from Bandai Entertainment.
If a panty shot hasn't appeared in the show for a few seconds the people who made Agent Aika must feel bad. As a film student, I have to learn a lot of angles to make a scene stand out, well panties definitely stand out here. You'd think a midget was the director with how many shots of cute girls in miniskirts walking around. Agent Aika is panty crazy! Sure some bust shots here and there, but overall prepare for a panty par-tay.

If you care for story a supervillian wants to wipe out the Earth and start it over again like the plot from Moonraker. Except this time his going to flood the earth and this time he'll be the only man. That's right he wants a space harem and he has it. Only Agent Aika can stop him with some sort of gem that giver her wierd powers. The gem kind of takes hold of her like a woman strattling her. Listen the plot is far and gone from this show it just skimpy cute girl hijinks.

The first episode starts of slow, but the momentum starts to build up as more fan-service hi-jinks ensue. It's not a very deep series, it just something to gaze up at and enjoy.

Sekirei from Funimation has some more depth to it, but at it's heart it's a harem anime. A typical nobody Japanese college student  Minato starts to get chicks falling all over him. In fact one falls from the sky on top of him. That be  Musubi. There isn't a lot going up there for Musubi, but go a little lower and the girl has pair of floatation devices.

Eventually, Minato gets kicked out of his apartment with Musubi, but finds free board at a hot widows house with other hot girls who want him. One after another cut girls want Musubi to be their Master. To bad for Minato that all the girls who like him have bizarre super powers. The town has lost control to it's insane Mayor who wears a cape. All the girls must battle each other for thier heart's desire.

By the way most of the girls go well past the norm of being to stand up correctly if parts of them existed in reality. Sekirei is what super powered woman are called and it's all very sexy and humorous. Little great bits of humor like the end titles having Minato dreaming in bed of a overly muscular version of one of his girlfriends wisking him away. Think Fist Of The North Star on a date.

The battles have great animation and usually causes both girls to strip. Girls get naked in this show, quite a lot.

Funimation says they have licensed the second season so I look forward to it, but until then buy first season.