Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artists Make Mistakes Like Their Own Art

Remember that cocaine tripped out psychedelic experience I mentioned, well it screwed up big.

An artist did a giant mural on the side of the Moca Contemporay for the Suprasensorial exhibit. Coffins with dollar bills replacing American flags. Veterans Administration healthcare building faced that mural. The mural was immediately painted over. I mean like right after it was finished and in front of the artist.

MOCA kind of dropped the ball on that. I guess they didn't pay attention. Dumb.
Via LA Downtown News

Here's what the exhibit is like on the inside once again, remember, these artists loved cocaine (not joking). It still looks like fun, but probably they could have asked a lot of other artist to do some interactive exhibits. Hell, I would have turn it over to directors David Lynch and Cronenberg to creep people out. Damn, I wish they did haunted houses for Halloween.

Anyway check it out until it's whitewashed, too.

via Laist