Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Artisanal Endeavor

My, my what a line this time.

The Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Food Fight happened with strange ,yet fun goings on. The lucky few who showed up got to try a earlier version of the game before anyone else. Like I imagined it was PS3 only, but with Mad Catz controllers.

I played it a few time before the crowd got in. It's fun. it's a game anyone can just pick up and start fighting their friends. They've captured characters like Amaterasu. I had a lot of fun trying the new characters out and trying all new attacks. Can't wait to see the full roster and with possible dlc it could keep growing.

The place got filled to the brim.

This guy was number 4 in the line outside and had been there for 14 hours in line.

A few lucky Capcom Fans got a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 bib/apron for the event.

The food fight was a vote by fans between to of those famous food trucks from around LA. Chef Ludo had a small, but delicious Hulk Burger.

While Eric Greenspan had a tuna Ryu Fireball that didn't pack a punch as munch.

There was no doubt really from anyone that the Hulk Burger would win.

 The strangeness part had to be the hosts of the event seen above .who had the most bizarre banter. It was like hearing GTA commercials. Less is more sometimes. When we learned the results of the winning dish (Hulk Burger) these two held some sort of a judging contest even though the judges votes didn't count. LA Times, LA Weekly, and a food truck app inventor and Adam Sessler of X-Play, had thoughtful and funny commentary. Then the hosts sounded weird and made everybody uncomfortable. Going with can Adam get some food he looks like he's been in a concentration camp wasn't the best joke. Neither was questioning why the Hulk's pants' don't exploid off of him, but the rest of his clothes due. Then I think the hosts made a quick joke about child killing. It's not like those topics can't be funny, it just the hosts weren't.

oh, Adam even though your not on Direct TV your hilarious.

The host in Red made him so uncomfortable. Blue host had to say, "PG-13 Bro, PG-13"

The Food Fight was simply taste of the fun new fighter either hitting Feb 11 or 15th because the hosts kept going back and forth on what day it was, I'm unsure because of them.