Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Battle: Los Angeles or whatever the name is

It's not a good sign when the movies name hasn't been chosen and most filming was done in Louisiana to save on costs. It's kind of a FU to the people who work in LA in the industry. Not just the industry.

A sci-fi movie about LA. Of, course I'm going to write about it

If you haven't watched the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles, aliens attack the world and for some reason LA shouldn't fall next because so many other places did. The movie follows soldiers combating the aliens. Sounds great, but sorry.

For local residents I think it'll be quite noticeable that they aren't really in LA. In kind of the dumbest idea possible all the movie was filmed outside of LA in Louisiana. Why? Is the cost of adding a gigantic amount of CGI to transform locations around Louisiana worth it? The tax incentive must have been pretty sweet. What this does, is tell me  that the people behind this movie don't care. They could have called it anything and might since the title is still up in the air. World Invasion: Battle: Los Angeles is possible right now, that just rolls off the tongue.

You don't have to add LA to things in a pathetic attempt to make it better. I would have wanted to seen the movie anyway if it was combat in some other location. I loved the premise of how our current army would fight an alien invasion with current real weapons.There aren't suppose to be joke it's suppose to be realistic. The movie does have a great premise I'm just saying the execution might be horrible.

Anyway, I'm sure they'll be some great cgi battles, huge explosions and the poor ol' Capitol Records building will explode. But, when soldiers are on the street or screaming people are on fire, I"ll be going, "Where the Hell is that suppose to be? It ain't LA"