Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Warrior's Way Review

The North Pole

A man goes up to a Eskimo cooking fish and asks, "How much?" before he can reach his knives the Eskimo stabs him with a fish in the eye, killing him. "It's free" says the Warrior who was pretending to be a Eskimo.

The Warrior walks up to the happy snow man family he has made. Jostles the broom out of one of the Snowman's stick hands to reveal his sword. The warrior looks onward past the snowman family. Then a bunch of ninjas burst through the ice.

And that was the ending to one of the dumbest movies ever. A horrible Frankenstein of other Martial Art, Westerns and Jackie Chan comedies the warrior's way has no idea what it is. Meaningless plot exploits about characters you don't care to know about are written like a bad video game for the PS2.

The movie has one good long fight scene at the very end and in between one of the worst recycled stories ever. I'd recommend to watch this movie if your bored one weekend with nothing else to do, but it was so bad I'd say just skip to the fight at the end.

Here's a pic I found online, yes there is a happy snowman family with him

 I'd actually just like to re-edit to be much shorter and for it to be the action comedy it wants to be. I think I might practice with it just to learn editing better.