Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Reviews


Assault Girls

Assault Girls by the guy behind Ghost In The Shell is a very slow movie.Assault Girls is a very slow paced movie. What I'm trying to get at is it's slow.

Spoiler The basic story is the world sucks in the future so people escape into a very complex virtual world. A hot girl player needs to form a group to take down a powerful Boss to get to the next level.

There is some subtle humor and some jokes only gamer will get. Sadly, the story builds up in the beginning then drifts for the entire 2nd half of the movie. Literally, playing with a snail happens. The ending was fun because you have the Boss fight, but it's not worth it after going through it.

A copy was provided by Well Go USA. Reviewer watched entire movie.


If you want a fun 80's ride watch Brain Scan. Starring the kid who played John Connor in Terminator. This movies about a pc game that turns you into a murderer or does it? John Connor's character is a computer whiz whose in to Horror movies. He orders the newest horror game Brain Scan and everything starts to get weird. AT first interactive murders seems fun. That's until the local news starts reporting real murders in the same fashion that happens in the game.


Zombies never really named zombies go after some very old looking college kids after they go on a hay ride of getting drunk and having sex for Halloween.

So bad, this is just terrible all over. Acting, music, writing and special effects are sub par. It's really kind of amazing to see a movie with just no one trying. It's funny to watch with friends or watch 3 in the morning, but don't bring this anywhere to entertain a big group.

The drunk vampire is rather funny as well as the dialogue between characters that seems so fake.


Dead Rising 2

Take Zombie fun to a new level. Overall story is so super cheezy I'd watch it if it were a movie. Sadly, it isn't a movie. Chuck Greene is a superstar zombie killer. He gets blamed for a zombie attack which really sucks because he didn't do it. On the way to find out what happened you'll be beating up a whole mess of zombies with whatever comes to mind. If you remember my post on on the Dead Rising 2  release party, the game lets you virtually use anything for attacking zombies from golf clubs to workout equipment.What takes it to a new level is the combinations. Why not attach a car battery to a rake? Why not knives to a boxing glove?

My only problem with the game and from friends who have also tried it were controls. Controls don't seem tuned right. Sometime it's hard to control Chuck to do what you want him to do.

I've only been able to play a few hours so far. I'll tell you more when I get deeper in the game.

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Game provided by Capcom for review played for 3 hours.

Flip's Twisted World

I'm sorry, but I couldn't even finish the prologue to this. Terrible controls and just plain graphics made me want to stop playing right away. I didn't get past the first set of trials to learn controls.

It seemed like a interesting concept of flipping the world around the character, but it just doesn't pan out. Also hire voice actors for the characters as kids game don't need endless text.

Finally the worst part had to be some sort of weird square that was suppose be my guide. It had a split personality disorder and changed color for each personality. It was just so annoying.

I hope to see better from Majesco with Monster Tale from the people who made Henry Hatsworth which I really enjoyed.

Game provided by Majesco only played for a short time.