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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wish You Were Here: J-Pop Summit Festival, Alamo Draft House

J-Pop Summit Festival 2010

Here are just some of the event that caught my eye.
Miku Live Concer, yes a virtual idol live concert.

Get Bit: HAGATA-MAN Artist Ken Hamazaki performs the art of “teeth-marking”.

They also had a premiere of Detroit Metal City
Thy also had the Sega experience showing off thier new games and other events.

Dammit, San Fran gets so much more anime and otaku based events thanks to Viz Cinema at the New People theater. I've written about the theater before, but this is just another awesome event I want in LA. The ImagineAsian theater now the Downtown Independent tried to show anime, and more Asian culture movies, but it only stayed around for a year. I remember it didn't have a great selection of movies playing. It had a premeire for some of Bandai's stuff, but thats about it.

The New People theater plays anime and I'm constantly reading about great events and premieres. It sucks a theater here coudn't maintain anime events.

Alamo Draft House

Next in a big reveal from /Film the Alamo Draft House is heading to LA. From the recently interviewed Kevin Tong900Link to a friend who lived inTexas, I've only heard the best about the theater. The Alamo is considere by many the best theater in North America. Far out shiningg Arclight, Imax and Gold Class Cinemas in Pasadena,which Yelp has been saying sucks.

Time League the CEO has stated in a Cinematical article that plans are in place to bring it here to LA and the festering dump of sadness New York. This is amazing news.

Alamo Draft House is known for it's great events and cult movie showings. The approaching or when I post this Fantastic Fest is held there. Fatastic Fest showcases all the funny movies you hear about on the net. This year has Norwegian Ninja and a bunch of great horror movie premieres. All dwelve more into Fatastic Fest later, hopefully in another post.

Alamo is also know for it's great design and staff. You can order food in the theater with ease. Yes, you can order food like a diner and not bother anyone. You just write it down, on the table in front of you. A light that doesn't affect other is under neat the table so you can see what your writing. Than you put it on top of a wire on top of your table. A waiter/waitress picks it up and brings you your food. Plus, they'll kick you out if you turn on your damn phone or your kids are annoying.