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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hetalia: Axis Powers Review

Wow! Wait, what? What's going on?!

       Liechtenstein is adorable by the way.
             That was my first reaction to Hetalia. Hetalia is a recently dubbed for the American audience anime. It had big buzz surrounding it at Anime Expo, I saw Hetalia cosplayers everyday of the expo in large groups.

          But, what is Hetalia? Hetalia is an anime where all countries are personified into people, mostly young men. The series seemed Yaoi, but it's really a eccentric comedy. America is a big jerk, who always want to play hero. Germany is angry and authoritative. Japan is quiet, shy and slow to act. Italy is a stupid coward who gives up and just wants to eat pasta and go after woman.  Many other countries are depicted and some who are just on for a instance can produce a huge amount of laughter.Seeing them interact with each other is the real treat.

        The stories they're put into range from history lessons as depicted if nations were people and families. I was saddened by how America separated from England as shown as two brothers no longer able to connect. England kept pushing America to be something he wasn't. It brought me back to history class in a good way. I nearly forgotten so much of what was brought up during the show. It makes you happy to remember what you've learned.

          Other stories revolve around stereotypes about other countries and how they react as people. The Roman Empire is featured much at the beginning. The main story is about the ally nations and the axis powers of world war two fighting. Stories are mainly about Italy and Germany not getting along , but some other countries come out to shine. I can't believe I wrote "Liechtenstein is adorable." She's even more adorable when she acts cute around her big brother Switzerland. There's a great little story on Sealand the smallest country on Earth that isn't recognized, by any other nation.



          What's strange is the nations stereotypical characteristics build up to really personify themselves that both entertain and indulge into characters who might not be realistic, but genuine.

     I'm going to say right now before going on that the show made me laugh and kept me thoroughly entertained with it's take on historic situations.It teaches about history and keeps it entertaining. You notice your learning, but you'll enjoy it or if you already know your history get more from it.

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Hetalia: Axis Powers - The Complete First Season

What's strange is the format is like Azumanga Dai-oh where everything is cut up and to be continued. Stories are fast paced and don't last very long. Each episode is very short, but the format in Japan must of been that the show was with multiple cartoons to make a variety cartoon show which is more common there than here. Cartoon Network, however seems to be going back to that format with Regular show and Adventure Time filling up a 30-minute block together.
Back to the point be ready for many different episodes continuing at different points.

The reviewer was given disc 1 of Hetalia: Axis Powers - The Complete First Season by publisher Funimation . Watched all episodes on disc 1.