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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hitachi's Tempura Burbank Film Festival

Nothing quite beats a zany student film from a big mustached man. Mohamad Koaik's comedy feature from the Burbank Film Festival was a crowd pleaser. Hitachi's Tempura was a great parody piece on martial art movies. Hitachi was once a Chef until Atari and Sega showed up. Now Atari and Sega have stolen Hitachi's girl Tempura. This short was shot in two days and is great to watch before a martial arts marathon. The entire movie is dubbed as no sound was recorded during filming. All sound was added later. I laughed a lot.
I got to chat with the big Mustached director Mohamad Koaik outside of the theater. He was happy to tell me it will be screened again at the International Student Film Festival of Hollywood.

Also present was Hitachi himself Isaac Gallego. He told me that since sound wasn't recorded sometime actors just made up stuff. One of the Japanese actors just kept talking about burritos and tacos in one scene.