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Sunday, September 12, 2010

They are 8-Bit Shit

About a month ago I had the pleasure of attending a sight, many would consider a drug trip. 8-Bit Shit was gonna play some dodgeball.

8-Bit Shit was kind enough to let me see them prepare for there match. I talked briefly with there members who really do have a affinity for video games.

The team's Captain Mike Miller was preparing to be Blanka. As he put on his green  make-up and his very expensive costume,  that he made himself,  he was talking with his team, who are really just his friends.
So as Mike prepared I met more  charcterss from games I played . Fire Mario or really Mike Thompson and Donna Harris aka Yoshi were very friendly. To answer your question, Yes a Mario does ride her.

Anyway as we talked we were joined by more member of 8-Bit Shit .

We were joined by Christina Wu  as Carmen Sandiego and by the hero of Hyrule Jake Mason as Link. I played Carmen Sandiego learning games in school, yes,  I think it counts. Mr. Mason is the man behind the league. He's the Executive Director of the World Dodgeball Society. Just to tell you he was a consultant for the movie DodgeBall, the movie starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn was really based on this sport. 

Update my mistake Jake wasn't apart of the organization, yet. His boss was a consultant for the Dodgeball movie.

There's nothing quite like seeing a grown man dress up.

Jake and Mike seem to be what holds the team together. Everyone seems to know them well and I don't think there could be a team without them. If your wondering, Link's costume was designed for a woman.

Oh yeah, there be some Sonic love and two of my favs if you remember Epic Fail Mario.

So talking with this group I got a sense of having pride being a gamer and trying to be creative as possible with costumes. 

Someone's read to play.

After waiting around the game was on and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a dodgeball game such as this. The spectacle of seeing some of gaming best icons playing dodgeball is a experience to funny to fully comprehend without being there.  Seating may suck, but it's not about sitting, it's about a ball might hit you that Guile threw. Sonic Boom!

Snood costume is priceless.


Something that I will hold onto and sadly may never be seen again was seeing Carlo A Parseghian
as Sonic throw his rings in the air as he was hit and taken out. My camera didn't go off in time, but it was such a sight to behold. Sadly, it may never been seen again as it might be unfairly banned. Due to a hooked up ipod and speaker you could hear the rings fall as if they were in the game.

Even though 8-Bit Shit lost it was all high fives with the other team. The game wasn't a joke or a act. They really try and beat the other team, but I'm guessing they have more fun than any other team in the league.You have to attend the event and I suggest you do, to laugh at seeing people who really love video games get of their butts and come out  and play games in real life.

Then we all cleared out of the West Hollywood Rec. Center to go drink.

The 8-Bit Shit Team was kind enough to invite my crew and I to go to their bar like they always do after every match. 8-Bit isn't alone, it great to see more than one zany Dodge Ball team show up and play beer pong.

After getting drunk it's best to Karaoke.

 I think it's good to point out that 8-Bit Shit was invited to Talk Soup, but got drunk and didn't show.

I had some follow up Q&A with Mike/Blanka below
Just to clarify, you came up with the team or was it a team effort?
I came up with the basic idea that we would be a videogame themed team with costumes and the name "8-Bit Shit!".  I was originally inspired by a team called "The Wrestlemaniacs" who all dressed as different wrestlers.  That team was all about fun, costumes and antics.  I wanted more of that.  Most teams in Melrose A League are pretty serious about dodgeball so it was nice to throw a team into that mix that was all about fun.  I never expected everyone on this team to go as far as they did with their costumes and was surprised everyone dressed up like they did.  The costumes really boosted our enthusiasm and constantly reminded us not to take the game so seriously.
The new season starts soon any new characters to look out for?
The new season starts October 6th.  We will have about 7 new people on the team this season including Princess Peach, Tails(Sonic The Hedgehog), Soda Popinksi(Punch Out), Mega Man and Mileena(Mortal Kombat).  Last season we had some themed nights such as Duck Hunt Night and hope to continue that this season.
Also, I thought your seasons were only in the summer is Dodgeball year round or exactly how many seasons are there?
Dodgeball is all year round.  Each league normally fits about 3 seasons in per year.  Besides the regular seasons we have holiday tournaments and open gyms every week.  If you wanted to, you could play everyday other than Friday.
Please, tell of the craziest moments while playing with 8-Bit Shit.
There are so many...I would refer to the facebook info page for a complete rundown on 8-Bit's antics.  Every week I list some of our craziest moments in the news section.
What would you like to say about your team?
This is one of the most fun, inspiring and craziest teams I have ever been on.  It's no longer about winning the game of dodgeball, it's about having more fun than anyone else and looking great doing it!
What would you like to say to your fans?
Sign up for dodgeball at!  Come out and play!  Join the "8-Bit Shit!" Facebook Group page to keep up with our events and games!

I want to thank 8-Bit Shit for letting me talk and hang out with them. Sorry, if I didn't mention every member of 8-Bit Shit. There were just so many of you. If any one wishes, just head to their Facebook page where everyone is name and what character they are is shown.

Best of luck in your new season 8- Bit Shit. Head out to the West Hollywood Rec Center to watch and support them starting October 6th.