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Monday, September 13, 2010

Burbank Film Festival

Yes, another film festival (happens a lot in LA) is going on right now in Burbank. Check out the Burbank Film Festival this week.

Uggh, website layout! The website has the problem of not listing and description info on any of the movies on the same page as time and ticket info.  So it's a gamble and your judging a movie by it's name which kind of sucks. Here are some of picks from what I gambled on. You'll have to find the time and dates here.

Prices go up drastically when you buy online for some reason.

Hitachi's Tempura

Hitachi once a chef is out on a rescue mission to save his love the Geisha from the villain Konica, revenging his burned eye that ended his career from Sega & Atari.

Just from that description I kind of want to see it.

Frank Dan Coolo Praranormal Drug Dealer

In the annoyingly sparkly future-scape of Neo-Mega-Ultra Tokyo, reporter Holly Malone tracks a murderous urban legend. A comedyfeaturing a goofy blend of computer generated overkill, cartoon physics and stopmotion monsters.


A college student finds his fear of commitment manifesting in a very concrete way when he becomes the unwitting subject of a physics experiment that hasn’t yet happened.

Tickets: AMC 6, Friday, September 16th, 3:30-5:30pm
Serum 1831

Follow the story of Robert Lee in this delicious tale of ambition, betrayal and revenge.
The Scientist


A scientist crosses to a parallel universe where his lost love is still alive. While attempting to reunite with her by replacing his parallel self, the scientist must face why he lost her before and why he may not be worthy of having her again

Glory to the Conquerors of Space
A lone cosmonaut, adrift in space on a long-forgotten mission, makes a strange discovery on Titan.
An intense drama about two people who stumble across each other whileseeking shelter in an abandoned mansion from the post apocalyptic world that lurks outside the walls
Also I didn't see a ad in LA Weekly which is kind of a no-brainer to inform hipsters and film geeks. I just saw one poster while walking around downtown Burbank near the mall.