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Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Tokyo Paulette

So I went to Little Tokyo last weekend and discovered a Paullete's opened up. Paullete's specializes in serving a type of cookie treat called macaroons. They look like brightly colored oreo's, they come in multiple flavors.

little tokyo paulette

Little Tokyo Shopping

Center333 S. Alameda st #103

Los Angeles, CA 90013

 I like the stores ultra modern design. It still seems easy going and spacious inside. It has great drinks to accompany the drinks. My friend tried one,  green tea flavor and sad it tasted great, but didn't sit well in his stomach.

 It's located right next to Cherry on Top the yogurt store. Once again it's just strange to see new store open up as other stores in the mall stay vacant and shut down.

I found these two little signs in the mall that gave me a laugh.
Cherry On Top's NES sign indicating that residents like playing the console the most out of any other system.
The bus shuttle schedule has some engrish. I wonder who thought boading was close enough to boarding time.