Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween 2010: Boobs and Blood Film Festival

Yes, the Boobs and Blood festival. This is a great name for a festival.

One of the reasons I love living here is the film festivals. If you read the blog you may notice I blog about at least two a month. That number is going up with Halloween approaching.

Boobs and Blood Film Festival

24-26 SEPT. 2010


7165 Beverly Boulevard,
Los Angeles,
CA 90036-2548

Single Tickets $10 (includes after party with free sodas courtesy of SPRECHER BREWERY)
Single tickets also available on the door 15 minutes before each program.
Weekend pass $50 (7 screenings – a $70 value).  Very limited number available.

Here's the schedule for all the movies.

Man, I'm still caught up on the name. Spend three days laughing and screaming (mostly laughing at) horror movies that help us all remember why women are women. You get to watch more than one movie it seems and with bonus content from other movies highliting the night's theme. I realy can't give this event a higher recomendation for just having fun with friends.

Some of the movies to look forward to:

S&M Hunter

Now S&M Hunter is the story of a one-eyed man who has a skull on his eye patch. When a gang of no good girls still some gay lover's boyfriend to have sex with him as they please the saddened gay man asks the S&M Hunter to retrieve his love. The only way to do this is for SM Hunter to do insanely complicated S&M to the delinquent girls. I recommend not looking at the trailer or you could figure out what happens. Just go in knowing it's Japanese women getting tortured sexually for no reason, but your pleasure.
This is the best movie I've heard of from Japan. I believe it'll be up there with the Legend of Ricky-O in insanity and plot. It's not gonna make sense and I can't wait to see it on Sunday Sept 26th as part of the Japanese S&M Vampire insanity show.
Lesbain vampires,  I don't have to write anymore.

Apparently you can pick up buttons at various locations around LA. If you wear the button you could win a prize if you attend the show.

I'll be writing about more stuff to see later.