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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Game Art and Images

On the last LA Downtown Art Walk I saw some great little Pac-Mn pieces

 I'll have to get a friend to translate. It's probably "F*ck Pac-Man"

Here are just some pieces I found floating online.
What if that's how we really made PS3 controllers.
 Here's a special shirt that was only at Comic-Con for MVC3
Here's some smaller cartridge pieces I thought were fun. Pokemon Black and a DS game called TouchMaster that just sounds like a bad title.

The Kirby box art is out and the article which I found out about it makes me question if blogs will be ever considered real Journalism so read "Kirby's Epic Yarn Box Ar Makes me Spunk out My Penis" by Jim Sterling. One could argue the post is childish and has no real value other than a single image. I do like the box art and have read about two player co-op. I'm just afraid the game might get to easy like many Kirby games.