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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween 2010: Dead Rising 2 LA Party

After dropping by the Time Travel Mart in Echo Park. I decided it was time to see what i am 8-bit and Capcom and had put together for a zombie event. Living in LA there are a lot of Zombie events. This will be remembered as the photo-op event. The picture above captures the evening quite nicely.

If you've played the Dead Rising 2: Case Zero you know how fun it can be to pick up anything and use it as a weapon on zombies. Sadly, there weren't any zombies, but plenty of items to take awesome pictures with. A Facebook picture whore's dream became real last Friday 9/10 .  This is just the small stuff.

Remember Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun from Megaman creator Keiji Inafune

Once you left the front of the store you found a great party with even better weapons.

Weapons are fun, but having multiple xbox's and ps3's hooked up to play Dead Rising 2 before it hits Sept 29th is even better.

Check out my little clip of what happened below it involves dancing.

One of the best activities of the night was Tape It, Or Die.With SnowInfernus and jGonzo signing people up  for the event.

What happened was you had to make the best zombie killing combination with duct tape. They must have bought stuff from the 99 cent store or something like that. I wish I could have done the contest, but it was a random drawing. Up to six people at once came up with Zombie killing combinations.

Zombie Hulu-Hoop Inducer

We have a winner

But, what was in the van outside at the end of the party?

It was a great party with a lot of treats. I can't wait to play Dead Rising 2 and review it for you guys. I think the actual release date is great for the Halloween lover in all of us.