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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wait what?

Why is experience spelled wrong?

Okay ever since I saw this game listed in the upcoming xbox 360 section on Gamefaqs I wondered "what the Hell". Is there a Black College Football league. Is there any reason to have one anymore? Like Black Family Channel? Oh, yeah it existed

Not to get anyone confused, it's simply that every one's allowed to play now, so what the Hell?Also the cover art is a bit strange as to why they chose to put a marching band member up front other than, well another player or cute cheerleader. I don't know why someone wouldn't just play Madden.

Update: The marching band member is on the cover because there's some sort of rhythm based aspect to the game. I guess you might actually control the marching band. After looking on the net I don't think there's a actual Black College Football League, this games just takes only Black colleges against each other which is still quite odd to me. I can only wonder what the achievements are.