Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arcades in LA: All Amusement Fun Center

All Amusement Fun Centers located at The Plant in Van Nuys and the Burbank Town Center Mall
7888 Van Nuys Blvd Panorama City, CA 91402(818) 756-0550
201 E Magnolia Blvd Ste 128 Burbank, CA 91502(818) 557-6558 , bottom floor of the mall
I''ll review the Van Nuys Fun center first. Now in the following pictures you'll see that the All amusement fun center of Vany Nuys its different from other arcades as it allows sunlight into the building. This a very large arcade, with many different games. Games to earn tickets are in the front, in the back are the fighters and racers. Along one side of the walls and in the back is air hockey. They have your Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2. Plus a working Jurassic Park arcade machine.(Dinosaurs poop on you and it hurts your health).

They have some more of the strange machines such as this soccer one, skateboarding, and the old favorite pod-racing.

This is a great arcade and you could get lost in the options of games to play. It's also quite clean. It's right near the plant movie theater and plenty of restaurants.
Foreseeable problems:
Little kids and thats about it.

The Burbank All Amusement Fun Center is small in comparison to it's sister arcade. It still has a ample amount of games. Once again the games that give out tickets are in front. There are plenty of fighters and shooters in the back. They have L.A. machine guns which is one of my favorite shooters of all time for being set in some future LA where cops ride jetcycles. Your first mission is to save the President. Plus it comes, with these two huge rapid fire mounted guns, that make you feel when you fire.

not me or the actual machine in the burbank arcade

This arcade has no racers, sadly. They do have a metal slug game and The Simpsons arcade game. They do have air hockey. This is arcade is in the vicinity to three movie theaters and plenty of food.

Here's a quick look inside

Foreseeable problems:

You' ll will be right next to the indoor playground, but when I was inside the arcade I didn't even notice the kids were there.