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Monday, August 17, 2009

Nisei Week Pt. 1

What a great start to Nisei week in Little Tokyo. I just happened to start my day with a Samurai exhibition. The Samurai history lesson was a great joy to listen to because of the British translator. It was like watching a PBS special in real life.

Next up was the Sumo demonstration. The Sumos were the former and current North American champion. They showed of some good moves then has some play fights with kids. I was really impressed, I would love to see a real Sumo fight in a nice arena, and the whole throwing of salt to purify the ring start. They should have a Sumo fight at the Staples center for one night only or something.

Here we have a small portion of the tanabata festival ornament balls which are called Kusudama.

Here's just a small portion of the crowd from Saturday.
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