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Friday, August 7, 2009

Arcades in LA: Video West Arcade and Play N Trade

Located directly outside of the adjacent Americana in Glendale is the Video West Arcade. A small, but fun video game arcade. Stepping inside I noticed sunlight isn't required. I don't think the games would be hurt, two other arcades I've been to recently get plenty of sunlight, so no idea why the hatred of the sun (maybe vampirism?).

The arcade features many old titles ranging from Tetris which has some interesting controls to a Dance Dance machine. Some other odd titles are Arkanoid better known as block busters to some and Dynamite Cop. I enjoyed Arkanoid for it's strange controls. I fell in love with Dynamite Cop for being a old school co-op beat-em up adventure that plays out like a early 90's cop movie. The game starts off with you choosing 3 different cops. I chose Eddie Brown and was flung into a Bruce Willis adventure on a cruise ship. Terroists have taken over the ship and it's my job to pick up lawn chairs and mannequin heads or whatever lights up as part of the background and beat the crap out of bad guys. Play it if you to decide to come here.

Dynamite Cop Gameplay

There are many other titles to choose from ranging including fighting games, puzzle games like Bubble Bobble, shooters one being a strange cowboy vs. indians one I haven't seen before and racing.

Now here are some downsides like any arcade some machine are broken and there isn't a sign telling the customer. From what I read on yelp the change machine doesn't work, but you can simple can get change from the cashier in the back. Juts to make it clear the machines just take quarters none of that coin crap.

Video West Arcade
212 S Brand Blvd Glendale, CA 91204(818) 502-1731

Just a little bit further down the street, passed a triplet frog fountain and down a alley of bad food is Play N Trade a video game store/ rental store/ console and game repair store. With a awesome setup of multiple HD tv's and demos to play this store makes gamestop look like dookie. When I entered I was amazed out how nice the store was. They have all the newest games, used games, and games for much older consoles.

What really caught my attention was there rental service which gamestop does not have. You can't rent a game for a week for 8.99 or pay a monthly service to get unlimited rentals. Any used game in the store is up for rental status, which I thought was simply smart. Looking at their site it seems you can also test the game out before buying it which is very smart as well. Sometimes games don't have demos or the demo is to short. This store seem to really cater to their customers.

The staff is truly helpful. I feel bad writing this,but I forgot the name of the staff member who was helping me. He was very helpful and hopefully I can write who he is later. He had a extensive knowledge of games and helped explain everything about the store.

134 S. Brand Boulevard
California, 91204

11:30 am - 9pm everyday

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That leaves me with the mall, the Glendale Galleria which has a Planet X game store, which is really a Gamestop. No idea why it's called Planet X maybe Gamestop uses that name more on the east coast. If you want to deal with a lousy game stop head here. I'd rather just go to the Play N Trade nearby. Very close to the Planet X are some arcade machine two of which are racing simulators. (oh the movie theaters nearby might have some arcade machines inside, but I haven't gone for a while)

Anyway this is a part of a series I'll being doing on video games stores and arcades in LA, so look out for more