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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nisei Week ends

These were just some of the festival ornament balls which are called Kusudama hanging of the rafters near the MOCA.
I had a furry funny time. As I ate Octupus balls, bought Japanese snacks that were on sale. Bought Japanese magazines on sale. One dollar each at the Kinokuniya Bookstore. Saw some Sumos and Samurais. Explored more of Little Tokyo
Anyway Nisei week ended today with a eating contest and a rubiks cube challenge, it probably should end with the parade. The Nisei week parade or Tanabata parade, I don't know which for it was never explained well was very fun and I felt a perfect end to Nisei week. Maybe it should be Nisei weekend. Here are some pics and clips of the parade which was funny and fun to watch.
Sadly a few gripos of Nisei week
- parking for the parade is nearly impossible
- they Nisei week website said there would be some sort of anime festival, that didn't exist at all.
if you like the Sumo demonstration definitely check out the Cosplay parade for it's hug ending below

not my pic
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