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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things to this weekend: Nisei Week

Don't forget it's the first Annual Vampire-Con this week end. Watch Vampire movies and get red colored drinks.

Find Your Inner Vampire "Transcendental" from Vampire-Con starts Aug. 14, 2009 on Vimeo.

Nisei week starts this Saturday in Little Tokyo, they''ll be Sumo wrestling, karaoke and cosplay contests, a anime festival with anime screenings, and a parade with floats. Then theres the food, the festival, and the fun.

Second Skin is a movie about people who play video games. It follows three people and their avatars. It'll be at the The Downtown Independent this weekend for 10 bucks

Watch how creepy these people are or maybe the movie shows us how much these peple are regular girls and guys. The clarify the movie is about regular video game players not professional video game players. It looks like it'll be funny. The director Juan Carlos will be at the screenings on August 14th. -Note I didn't realize the Downtown independent was the old ImagineAsian theater. After seeing a picture of it the new ownership could have taken down the old logo.

Shaun of the Dead Zombie Walk @ HOC Time for some zombie fun, wow, zombies and vampires in LA this weekend and it's not even Halloween. Anyway watch a outdoor screening of Shaun of the Dead, but before it starts, you could be playing some zombie games.

ZOMBIE COSTUMES CONTEST Dress up to be part of our Undead Fashion Show!*Eat Your Brains Out XBOX Giveaway!*Zombie Sketch Comedy!*Zombie Face Painting!*Zombie Authors sign your Zombie Books!*Mobile Restaurant Row!*Zombie Photo Booth!

The zombie stand-up is intriguing.

So dress up like a zombie to so LA can win the title with the most people dressed as zombies or see some people dressed as zombies.

oh yeah, Seth Grahame Smith will be there to sign his book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

The movie is ten bucks,

District 9 is out, Go see it! We have so many theaters here.

Lastly, Meltdown is having a Girls who draw girls party to sell their calendar. Free stuff