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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Famima!! is dead long live Famima!! and Lost In a Supermarket sucks

Last Friday I discovered my favorite Famima!! empty and the homeless were using the parking lot as a bed. The Famima at
8525 Santa Monica BoulevardWest Hollywood, CA 90069
is gone.
This was my favorite and the first Famima to not open in the U.S. but, LA. If you don't know or haven't been to a Faimima!! it a japanese style 7-eleven, so basically one of the greatest achievements of mankind. Famima isn't dead as there are many stores located around LA and new ones opening all the time. It's just this was the best one.
That same Friday I went to the Lost in a Supermarket Party ... and was stopped from entering by a cross dresser. I don't know what this art group/ website is about ,but since I didn't get in the party I guess the group is about transvestites. There website doesn't explain itself at all as to what the Hell it's about what the group is about.
I can only wish Lost in a Supermarket fails in whatever it does. Probably transvestite things.
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