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Monday, August 24, 2009

Japanese Snacks: Very Poor Engrish/ Little Tokyo Market Place

Cigarettes make it seem just super tasty and filled with tobacco

That is the scariest looking white person ever, I feel this may give the wrong impression about white people to foreigners.

Bourbon, I believe it's just the name, they cookies don't actually have bourbon.

Why you Binch! I'm going to get these next time , Binch!

These strange snack can be found at the Little Tokyo Market Place. Little Tokyo Market Place is located in the Little Tokyo Mall, they do validate if you spend I believe at least 15 dollars. This is a great market place with a huge selection of tasty foreign snacks and new things to try. Service is nice. I just love coming here and trying new stuff. The last sale they had was great I payed 3 bucks for 10 dollars worth of stuff. This may be one of the best markets in the area as it's competition are the two Japanese markets nearby and one on Sawtelle.