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Monday, August 10, 2009

Korean BBQ

The first annual Korean BBQ in downtown was held last Saturday. I want to give a shot out to Ham Ji Park their food was delicious.

Ham Ji Park

3407 W 6th StSte 101-C Los Angeles, CA 90020(213) 365-8773

It was a small event with a ton of people. It seemed mostly brought together by the Korean community and Yelp. Before we get to the problems, I just wanted to sat the food was just great, everyone around me just loved it. The eating contest was also a great event, I loved watching it. I rooted for the guy in the American flag shirt.

Update this is the new video as the other one was too long

Problems, so many problems.

1. Suppose to start at noon, actually started at 1.

2. Line management, line were everywhere and long, no one had the common sense to put some tape on the floor.

3. Signs, all the signs for the different restaurants were on the bottom of the booths making it extremely hard to see which booth was which, the prices weren't displayed.

4. Trash cans, there weren't any that I saw just two huge dumpsters.

5. Booths empty, some booths were just empty, it made me sad.

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