Sunday, August 9, 2009

Greg De Stefano Interview


Just kidding, Greg is a friendly, likable, photographer, living in Santa Monica. From my own experience he likes long romantic walks along the beach. Just read the post preceding this one about our Bioshock Beach Viral adventure.

For those of you who didn't read the first post Greg De Stefano is the man behind the recent internet craze of Brawl character photos. Here are some more of my favorites he shot below.

Sonic in a wheelchair just makes me happy

For more pics go here

These shots come from the characters from There Will Be Brawl

A live action web series based on the brawl characters which is quite funny. The series tone is dark, but humorous. The characters are living out a gangster like lifestyle in a dystopian Mushroom Kingdom.

Greg said he became a part of the show on episode 3. He helps anyway he can. He says it's a lot of fun because the cast and crew are his friends. So they sit around and chill and talk before they shoot anything. Greg told me this show wouldn't exist if the economy didn't suck right now. All the characters are actors looking for work . So if you like their acting hire'm. Not surprisingly, the show is entirely filmed here right in L.A. . You can look forward to a new episode very soon in which (spoiler) toad gets ganked.

Greg and I talked for quite a while after our Bioshock adventure. Joking about the people who didn't get the Bioshock wine bottles and slowly walking to our cars. I grew to knew this man very well almost in that I'm his brother now, in the two hours we talked. We end up a Jinky's.

Jinky's Cafe
1447 2nd StreetSanta Monica, CA 90401(310) 917-3311

A nice restaurant on The Promenade. Strange collection of Disney posters up for no reason, but a kickin 80's soundtrack was playing when we went. They should call this place The Breakfast Club.

From this point on I'm going to give the information Greg discussed with me to you the reader as if I were writing Greg a singles ad.

Hello ladies of J-date, I'm here to help my friend Greg get a nice Jewish girl. I know your Moms will just love him.

He Grew up in Iowa, and went to the arcade Twin Galaxies, the arcade and scorekeeper headquarters featured in The King of Kong. He was just a little boy when they shot the Life magazine top 7 players of the world event there. Later Greg graduated the prestigious Cal Arts one of of the highest rated colleges for commercial artists in the world.

He currently lives in lovely Santa Monica and bikes around the beach. He like long walks on the beach to pick up swag at sunrise.
He's a photographer. Who does all types of different work. He just went on a shoot to Hawaii and shot photos of Snoop Dog and got to party down. He's also a coder and doing interstitial ads for billboards a web sites. In other words he makes moving ads for the digital age.

When he's not busy working Greg games. Greg's current game of choice is Fat Princess, when he has free time from work. So, yes ladies he does own a PS3. Other activities during his downtime are going to the Edison. A steam-punk style club in downtown. He says if you wear steam punk you'll get in the club faster.

The Edison
108 W 2nd StLos Angeles, CA 90012(213) 613-0000

Gregs is into steam punk, he wishes to shoot some steam punk action so put on some goggles when you see him beautiful Jewish woman.

Greg is also training for the Orochon challenge at Orochon ramen. If he can finish the challenge of what he calls the super spicy Hell Broth he'll get a picture up on the wall there and eats the meal for free. So expect to going there a lot or to be eating a lot of ramen as he trains to get his picture up there like these guys.

Orochon Ramen
123 S Onizuka StLos Angeles, CA 90012(213) 617-1766

What does Greg's future hold with you or where does he see himself in twenty years. I have no idea. I just know about some of his cool future plans.

-Look forward to seeing a book of the Brawl character photographs that would look good on any gamers coffee table sometime next year. Greg's still in the planning stages, but the book might have elegant quotes of you favorite "There will be Brawl" characters next to their photos. Don't worry, some extra photos haven't been put on his site yet, so there's a few more characters that will be added to the book. It looks like it will be around $40.00 usd when it comes out, but well worth it.

-Writing about Greg's site, expect a completely new site coming soon, with more photos and info.

-Greg also visited Japan and will have a site devoted to how it looked, he took the people out of his shots as though Godzilla had scared them away. It will be called Kuugeki

-If Princess Peach doesn't float your turtle shell, than look forward to a sexy superhero calendar or some sort of sexy superhero photo shoot.

-Comic-con just ended, but be ready for next year when Greg will have his own booth.

Before parting ways Greg wished to see G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra to laugh at how bad it would be and was going to a friends birthday in which she asked all her male friends to dress like Princes. I mean any type of Prince from Aladdin to hopefully the artist formerly known as Prince. I think he was leading toward the Prince of Persia. So I guess he had to go dress like a Prince.

So cute Jewish girls become his Princess, his Jewish Princess.

Greg De Stefano, the man you want to break that glass cup at your wedding