Tuesday, April 2, 2024

WonderCon 2024: Small, But Still Big

By Jonthan Bilski

WonderCon brought fans from all over back to Anaheim. Taking over the convention center March 29th-31st. What it didn't bring was a sponsor and big booths. Though, the rain cast WonderCon in a dark light for Friday and Saturday, the real question might have been, "Where my panels at?" Yes, there were some nice ones, but usually you have a lot more from streaming and major studios. What WonderCon did have in abundance was fans.

WonderCon is always considered the little brother to Comic-Con and a more easy-going event. That remains true. It might take you some extra minutes to get to, but you'll find parking in the extra lot. You'll also find that not even dark skies and rain could stop cosplayers. Cosplayers of all kinds, even without the sun lighting them up, came out to strut their stuff. And, fill up the annual WonderCon Masquerade, where cosplayers show off their get-ups with a stage show. This year, the masquerade had its first sponsor and it might have showed with some nice production value.
What didn't have a sponsor was WonderCon itself. Usually WonderCon has banners promoting a certain streaming service/slate of movies or shows. This year, that was a no. As was a lanyard showing off no movie or new superhero comic. 
You could tell by the look of this year's schedule and panels something was a bit of a miss. Though random in what panels might come out, there's usually a lot more so close to Hollywood, where so many shows/films are made.

A lot of fans could be overheard saying it was strange, but highly likely due to the recent strikes. All the major entertainment studios are still getting back into filming and don't have the time or didn't set up anything for WonderCon this year. 

IDW represents
Lacking in another department were the bigger booths. G-d bless IDW for still showing up, but where's Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. There's a nice big comic section for collector's and smaller publishers, but what happened to the big names? Same goes to the missing Funko and any gaming booths. Usually at least one of the major gaming publishers might show up, but nadda. WonderCon might need to make some calls and ask for some companies to come back.

Artist alley was still strong with ultra specific tastes for you to stare and look at. With a large area of comic artists and writers to pine over.

Here's one that caught my eye California Inc. it's a comic series about California separating from the USA and being it's own country. It has a Kickstarter up now for Issue 3.

And still, you could feel something was missing. 

In any case WonderCon still delighted those who showed up with the chance to cosplay, meet some others to chat about your own nerdy interests and maybe meet someone you've been dying to see in person.
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