Friday, April 19, 2024

The Gentlemen On Netflix

 By Jonathan Bilski


I didn't expect to have so much fun with The Gentleman, the new Guy Ritchie series on Netflix, but it
what Ritchie's best at. British gangster life with a nice dose of violence. The premise, Edward Horniman has just become the Duke of Halstead. He didn't realize his father had let some of his family's multi-acre land be used for an underground weed-growing empire run by the daughter of a notorious mobster. What follows is him trying to get his family out of such an affair, but learning he might be good at the dealing with all the problems a drug lord has.

I'm not done with the series, but it's only 8 episodes about an hour each. So far, I've gotten to learn the fam, including an idiotic older brother who had to dress like a chicken to appease...let's say business debts. Susie Glass, the posh lady in charger of the weed empire, who seems to team-up with the duke quite often on solving mmm...certain problems such an empire has. And, each episode is a charming and violent look into the criminal underbelly of England.

Now, I'm a big fan of Ritchie's film Snatch and this show wears it on its sleeves. I'm constantly taken back to one of my favorite films, but everything feels fresh with the new actors, some of his favorites are back, but mainly new actors bringing his violent world to life.

As always, don't want to give that much away, but if you want some family drama on a lovely estate with each episode like a mini-movie, why not? Oh, and of course the proper amount of bloody time.

Highly recommended, if the algorithm somehow missed you and you haven't started seeing it.