Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Local Hype: Broad & Colburn School Expansion, Universal Studio Tour’s 60th & CineGear Expo Moved


Here's more info from The Daily News. It's just such a massive collection that they need more room over there.

Look like from April 26 through August 11, 2024 you can celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Universal Studio's Tour. Looks like they want you to take a ton of selfies.

Here's what going on from the press release:

      "...In addition to the return of several iconic red and white candy-striped Glamor Trams, the centerpiece of the Studio Tour 60th anniversary celebration will treat guests to the unique opportunity to step off the tram and onto a legendary movie set where an original, fully restored 1964 vintage Glamor Tram awaits. The area will provide additional memorable photo opportunities and social media posts, including a giant King Kong backdrop and the theme park’s original hanging Jaws shark.

            A highlight of the 60th celebration also includes the “Earthquake—The Big One” attraction, which debuted on the Studio Tour in 1989 and has been shaking things up ever since with its eerily realistic 8.3 magnitude quake. To coincide with this diamond anniversary, this simulated natural disaster attraction has undergone a top to bottom renovation and will debut anew with contemporary technology and aesthetics.

            Other exciting features will include a visit to Courthouse Square aboard the Studio Tour, where scenes from the blockbuster Back to the Future movies were filmed and where an original time machine picture car will sit prominently on display, not far from a nearby Doc Brown character.

            As the Studio Tour navigates around the historic backlot, additional surprises from a time long gone will make a cameo appearance, including the temporary return of the 1976 Runaway Train as warning bells and sirens alarm from its stationary location. Moments of nostalgia will also be featured aboard the tram’s monitors showing clips of former Studio Tour attractions as they once appeared on the tour..."

Cine Gear's 2024 LA event will take place at Warner Bros. Studio Lot. That's a big change as we think it's always been held at Paramount since the inception of this site. It's a huge free event showing off the latest in film production gear. Check out all the equipment you might want or need for your next production.

And, another building that just broke ground, not far from The Broad is The Colburn School. It broke ground April 5th for a $335-million expansion  designed by Frank Gehry. Whom you might know from many well-known LA buildings and is somehow still alive. Yes, we know you thought he was dead, he's only 95.