Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Bleak Week & Last Remaining Seats This June

One of our favorite cinema experiences in LA, Bleak Week is back this June. An utterly depressing amount of films that make you think nothing can be that bad, but it only gets worse.

The week long fest has actually inspired this Editor to show sad movies for his own film club in the same month. Though, it's dubbed June Gloom, named after our local gloomy weather and the nickname of a friend's first born daughter. She's a bit fussy.

Funny enough, did you know June Gloom is a local thing? It's something Southern California gets, not really something that reaches other states.

Maybe, next year, they can do, Bleak Week: June Gloom and only have depressing SoCal movies and/or movies with overcast skies.


Last Remaining Seats returns to remind us to check out the classic theaters around LA we should still be using more. We have so many amazing places to watch movies that we under-utilize. The full schedule is up and lets you choose from only a six-movie selection. So, pick something as you don't have many chances to see it on the big screen or in one of these theaters.