Thursday, April 18, 2024

Delicious Little Tokyo & VC Film Fest May

We know, we should be writing about Cinco De Mayo, May The 4th for Star Wars or Alien Day, April 26th for LV-426 where Xenomorphs were first encountered. BTW, check out Alien, the original film for it's 45th Anniversary Re-Release, that day only; in select theaters.

Instead we're dining on Delicious Little Tokyo. Taking place May 4th, you can take tasting tours, do workshops and play J-Town Bingo, which has you exploring the area to earn bingo spots and possibly win prizes. Oh, and the ultra specific Little Tokyo Pop-Up shop, so people no where you go to eat.

There's also some Children's Day Festival activities to check out, so plenty to do.

May 4
Little Tokyo
Free and $
and also taking place in May,
VC Film Fest going through May 1st-10th. Now, you might be saying, wait what's that? Because, it goes by a much older name -big reveal- Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF). Yes, our favorite too-long an acronym film festival has ditched its old moniker for VC Film Fest. Why, because Visual Communications been running it and it does seems easier to say aloud than LAAPFF. 

A wonderful huge collection of Asian films to see. We like seeing the weirder and strange stuff, so nothing we can recommend just eyeing it, but they have many movies to see.
May 1-10th
Multiple Locations

Both happening the start this May.