Friday, April 19, 2024

Horror Hype: Abigail Out Now, The Devil's Bath, IFC's In a Violent Nature & Humane

 By Jonathan Bilski
Abigail is now in theaters. From the directing team of Radio Silence, who we are fans of, comes a new horror movie about a team of would-be child kidnappers turned into a smorgasbord for an adorable little ballerina with sharp teeth.

The Devil's Bath comes from the people who brought us Goodnight Mommy and is coming to Shudder June 28th. Been looking forward to this one since reading about research going into it by Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala in Rue Morgue. If memory serves, I think it goes over the fact you could legally kill people if you think they weren't going to make to Heaven or would do something sinful later. So the people who were murdering you might think they were doing G-d's work and helping your eternal soul.

SYNOPSIS - In 1750 Austria, a deeply religious woman named Agnes has just married her beloved, but her mind and heart soon grow heavy as her life becomes a long list of chores and expectations. Day after day, she is increasingly trapped in a murky and lonely path leading to evil thoughts, until the possibility of committing a shocking act of violence seems like the only way out of her inner prison. Giving a voice to the invisible and unheard women of the rural past; THE DEVIL’S BATH is based on historical court records about a shocking, hitherto unexplored chapter of European history.

I've got two from IFC

In a Violent Nature is a new take on the slasher film from the perspective of the slasher. To be more accurate, one of your classic undead slashers like Jason. From what I've read, it's a slow burn film as you literally spend time just wandering the woods with the killer waiting to find whatever stupid teenagers/college kids woke him up from his eternal sleep. And, when it gets violent, oh, it gets violent. Out in theaters May 31st.

Cronenberg's kids don't fall that far from the tree as his daughter made this scary look at the future. Caitlin Cronenberg takes us to a future where 20% of the population is asked to kill itself. Sadly, after some skips out of a family event, the government still needs to take a body to reduce the numbers.

Out April 26th in theaters, then comes to Shudder July 26th.