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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing Commercial Homage To The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!



The Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial that came out for the Super Bowl is paying homage to the intro to one of our favorite childhood cartoon shows, The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!. The cartoon show had a great live action bit with wrestler Lou Albano as Mario and Danny Wells as Luigi, who would voice their cartoon counterparts. There live-action scenes would both start and end the show. The rap opening for their show was cut down for the commercial. Kind of amazed Universal  even used it. Also, because in current Nintendo lore the bros aren't supposed to be from Brooklyn or even Earth. But, they definitely from Brooklyn in the 80's cartoon show.

Here's the original opening for comparison. Be kind if you haven't grown up with it, it is from the 80's.

Going one-up further, check out our editor's college short recreating the original intro with his college's something to see.