Thursday, February 9, 2023

Anime Hype: Lupin III VS Cat's Eye & Ranking All His Other Films

Can't seem to fine the dub trailer, but the English voice cast you've been hearing for years is back to do this one to. Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye is the latest Lupin content from Japan. For those who don't know, Lupin the Third is about the world's greatest thief and the hi-jinks he and his friends get into. In this latest film, he "fights" with a trio of thief sisters known as Cat's Eye, who had their own anime franchise better known in Japan. 

Not sure how it ended up on Amazon of all places, but if you have Prime, you get it for free. 

This is a standard Lupin story for any fan of the series with some of the cheapest CGI we've ever seen. Literally going in the opposite direction of the wonderfully CGI animated film the first.

Think of it as an extended episode that was made without much care when it comes to story or animation.

Lupin the Third has long history of hit-or-miss films/OVAs, this being the 41st. Check out a fun ranking video below of all the rest of them.