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Monday, February 13, 2023

Intersect Palm Springs: Art A Little Outside of LA

Marc Dennis
Medicine Wheel, 2021


By Jonathan Bilski

The shiny headless horse had you galloping towards it as you as soon as you scanned your tickets to get in. Palm Desert's Melissa Morgan Fine Art was showing off the rotating work of Andrea Stanislav's Vanishing Points, which happened to be very shiny horse missing its head. It was one piece among many amazing pieces of art from over the 50 galleries in attendance.

We at TTDILA walked the Intersect Palm Springs at the Palm Spring Convention Center it was held at, just a few hours away from LA. We attended the art and design fair on Saturday Feb 10th for the first time and enjoyed seeing both creatures that still had their heads and did not.
Every few feet, you had to stop and see what galleries from as far as China and as local as a few blocks away were showing off.

Blue Rain's Gallery featured the work of Brad Overtown and how was it eye-catching. A mix of tradition with Día de Muertos or the Day of The Dead and a beautiful women riding a motorcycle popped out at you.

The work of David Cerny from the Hohmann Gallery grabbed our attention. Showing off pieces of what looked like X-rayed items. And of course, his juvenile, but fun piece giving the finger.

All sorts of art were welcome including some playful pieces from Masami Teraoka from the Catharine CLARK Gallery. These are paying homage to classic Japanese paintings, I beleive meant to be erotic in nature. Having fun with the viewer, the ladies in them are meant to look over-the-top and silly doing pretty basic stuff. You have to love the above piece of 31 Flavors Invading Japan/Today's Special.

The show also got away with General Idea from Mondo Cane for the Simon Bently Fine Art Gallery. Which has some poodles in some very "interesting" positions. Colorful and a bit dirty when you think about it.

Throughout our time there on Saturday many attendees were walking the rows and discovering new pieces or telling long anecdotal stories on how they knew the artists or lived near them in the past...which seems to happen a lot.

For a shot distance from LA, the show remains and nice pre-experince to the bigger art shows headed to LA this coming week. We hope Intersect Palm Springs expands to feature even more galleries and content in it's next session.

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*Parking was cash only, for any event with that many attendees you've got to accept both cash and card.