Monday, February 6, 2023

Fashion Police Squad Review: Doom Just Got Fashionable


By Jonathan Bilski

This game had me at it's trailer (see above). Fashion Police Squad has you swinging around using your belt, shooting and siphoning colors at poorly dressed enemies in what pays homage to Doom. The game isn't long, 3- 4 hours to fully beat it. However, it's such a charming game that it can be fashionably short.
Very much like Doom with more than a dash of RuPaul's Drag Race has you an officer of the law going after fashion crimes and trying to make sure your city is staying stylish. Old-school looking graphics make the game look like one of the silliest mods to Doom ever. If you've played Doom, you've played this. The polish, presents a story and gameplay where you're going to be rolling your eyes and taking in all the cringe as it a good way. It made me laugh out loud with some of the bad, bad jokes.
"Shooting", an enemy until they turn into a much more fashionable citizen is only one of many playful parts of the game. And different enemies require switching up your guns and techniques which make for some actual difficulty. Same goes for jump swing that belt around.
 When a level ends all your past enemies walk the run-away on the road to redemption. You have to play it for yourself to see how silly it gets.
If you power-up a certain glove, you'll literally slap the fashion sense right into people.
Story wise, not the biggest mystery to solve on what's causing the city to look so unsightly. The fun is like being in a plot best described as a CW show, with many, many fashions puns.
For the $mall amount the game cost and for the laughs you'll get, a definite grab to have in your collection.
Just released on console and still on Steam, grab the game now and look your best online.  


Game provided by publisher for review purposes. Played Steam version of the game.