Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Movie Hype: EO & Sisu: Nazi Killing Never Not Fun


EO is out today for streaming or rent, but if you want to see this Oscar Nominee, you can see it in person with a live little donkey for free, just got RSVP.

EO / Jerzy Skolimowski Curated Short Film Program 

SUN MAR 5, 2023 2:00 PM
Aero Theatre | Q&A with filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski and screenwriter/producer Ewa Piaskowska. Moderated by Susan Orlean.
Miniature donkey “Lil Bit” will join the screening from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Synopsis: In Polish, Italian, and French with English subtitles

With his first film in seven years, legendary director Jerzy Skolimowski (DEEP END, MOONLIGHTING) directs one of his most free and visually inventive films yet, following the travels of a nomadic gray donkey named EO. On his journey, EO is both helped and hindered by a cast of characters including a young Italian priest (Lorenzo Zurzolo), a Countess (Isabelle Huppert), and a rowdy Polish soccer team. Loosely inspired by Robert Bresson’s AU HASARD BALTHAZAR, and featuring immersive, stunning cinematography by Michal Dymek coupled with Pawel Mykietyn’s resonant score, Skolimowski’s film puts the viewer in the perspective of its four-legged protagonist. EO’s journey speaks to the world around us, an equine hero boldly pointing out societal ills, and serving as a warning to the dangers of neglect and inaction, all while on a quest for freedom.


From the director who gave us the Christmas classic Rare Exports, Jalmari Helander, we have a new Nazi-killing action movie headed out for theaters April 28th, Sisu.

It's Nazi- Killing Time!


During the last desperate days of WWII, a solitary prospector crosses paths with Nazis on a scorched-earth retreat in northern Finland.  When the Nazis steal his gold, they quickly discover that they have just tangled with no ordinary miner. While there is no direct translation for the Finnish word “sisu”, this legendary ex-commando will embody what sisu means: a white-knuckled form of courage and unimaginable determination in the face of overwhelming odds. And no matter what the Nazis throw at him, the one-man death squad will go to outrageous lengths to get his gold back – even if it means killing every last Nazi in his path.