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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Palm Springs Modernism Show 2023: What We Saw


By Jonathan Bilski
Art swooped through LA over the weekend; we went further out for Modernism Week in Palm Springs. The Palm Springs Modernism Show (Feb 17-20, 2023) was where we ventured, back for another weekend at the Palm Springs Convention Center. We were surprised by the art work and furniture that would make any collector of Modern style swoon.

Even before we entered we were perplexed and in awe of the The International Museum of Dinnerware Design, which is real. The greatest little bit of trivia shared with us is, that movie theaters use to have ladies nights where you would get a plate or bowl and would have to keep coming back to get the whole set. They haven't done so in decades though.Theaters might want to try doing that again, we know we would like a plate from seeing the upcoming release of Cocaine Bear.

And, yes this is a real non-profit that likes showing off dinnerware they deem to be persevered and talked about.

On the the other side of the entrance was a wonderful exhibit of tiny modern homes made by students  of BEAM. Did you like making dioramas when you were little? Well, students in this program, standing for building educational architectural models, seem to. The kids make their homes after going on a tour and getting a lecture on real life Modern houses. They tiny domiciles were inventive and we wonder if they had help from their parents.

Inside, the exhibit floor had over 100 exhibitors, showing us a future VR showroom, being shown off by Formus to upside down feet snack tables from artist Rick Dallago. You could get lost or at least look around for two hours or more.

We noticed animal themed furniture was all over the place. The flamingo side tables were quite nice over at the Greg Palombo booth as was the rainbow framed mirror.

We took a second to enjoy sitting down and using a typewriter again at the Mod Type In with a booth showing off pillows and prints of real cameras. There's nothing like the click-e-ty-clack of a typewriter and the ring of its bell. I'm sure, if any kids were there, they must of wondered what they even were.

There was an abundance of dogs though and both exhibitors and attendees seemed to love having their canines companions with them looking over the art and trying to get a deal on the goods there. Maybe, a dog lover discount?

Art, and hard to find furniture that stood out was down every row and around every corner. Stuff to turn your head and go, "Oh, what's that?"

Not far from Atomic Ranch's section were two booth selling people on...well, very nice toilets. One exhibitor trying to get our attention by shouting out, "It changes color."

Really, if you were ready to pay you could find that special something to make your pad or place stand out.

Gualeni Design, Unapologetically Italian-love their tag line

We looked around at high-end furniture, and pieces you wouldn't normally find. We don't think we need a Chanel football, but, perhaps, you know someone who does? It's unlikely you'd see such style in one spot, but it makes it easier to see everything that could fitting in your home all in one location. For Modern style seekers, a must.