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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Well, Sonic Sucks

Well, the trailer for Sonic tells us the movie will not be watchable. It ruins the ending with Robotnik/Eggman played by Jim Carrey being trapped in Sonic's home dimension, where he"ll finally have his iconic look. Maybe a buffet will be nearby so he can get fat too?

To break down why the movie is gonna be so bad, not just from the terrible look, we can look at whose making it. It's directed by Jeff Fowler, whose only credit as director is a CGI film called Gopher Broke back in 2004, echh. 

Then the screenplay is from three dudes who also don't have a good history. The man who wrote The Cloverfield Paradox, the bad one on Netflix, Oren Uziel is one of the trio. The two others are Josh Miller and Patrick Casey who last wrote for 12 Deadly Days and Golan the Insatiable. That means their latest work was in 2016. And though we had some fun with 12 Deadly Days, a YouTube exclusive, we think, it was not something that really showed the chops for an iconic video game character.

Will Detective Pikachu be better? Maybe, the trailer makes it a least look better, but its director is a guy named Rob Letterman, who has done nothing we would recommend.