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Monday, April 1, 2019

Westways Wants You

*April Fool's 2019

Check out that Super Bloom, b*tch! Westways wants you. The premier magazine of AAA will show you some great places in our bi-monthly magazine, then having boring articles on the insurance. When you get a Westways, before tossing it, at least look through it before throwing it into the blue recycling trash can.


Pretty please.

We work so hard on it. We've got some dope stuff in their. C'mon, don't line your pet cages with it. It's better than pet poop paper. We're jiggy wit it. We get it. We've got articles on what you want. And what you want is Parisian gardening tips. Oh...why didn't I listen to my parents and just get into the fabric industry.

Just read the d@mn magazine.