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Monday, April 1, 2019

Things To Do In AAA

*April Fool's 2019

We've been bought by Triple A. It seems like a pretty good fit as we provided much of the same information of Triple A...though for only one part of the entire nation...and not even the entire state. Listen, it's a good deal for us, why are you questioning it, we have to pay off student loans and our bookies.

If you might recall Triple A stands for the Automobile Association of America, so we've expanded coverage to all of America and putting stories about where to go by car. Burn in Hell LA Metro! We'll start off slow with just content on our main branch of AAA Southern California, but soon will expand keeping you covered just liek our auto insurance.

You'll be seeing a slate of AAA approved content in the near future. So, Things To Do In LA lives on, just lose the L and and two more A's. So, not complicated at all.