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Friday, April 19, 2019

Slow Your Roll: Griffith Observatory Closed Apr 22- May 6

This is the last weekend you'll be able to get to go up to the Griffith Observatory. Don't worry, we didn't sell it off to a foreign investors, it's just getting renovated. And it's due, I saw some windows that just had wood over them when I visited it last month.

The free Observatory that has great views of the city will be closed for two weeks and the roads leading up to it.

For more info

For two weeks (April 22 to May 6), there will be NO vehicle access (including bicycles) to the following roads (see map below):
  • Griffith Observatory parking lot
  • East Observatory Road and West Observatory Road
  • Vermont Canyon Road north of the Greek Theatre.
  • Western Canyon Road north of Fern Dell